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"I promise, Suzy... Even if it takes the rest of my life." - Nancy G. Brinker, founder of Susan G. Komen for the Cure

What is Triple Negative Breast Cancer?


Just in recent years, Triple Negative Breast Cancer has sparked interest in the news where instead of calling the tumor as ER-negative, PR-negative, and HER2-negative; researchers began using the shorthand term, "Triple Negative," dubbed the "new type" type of cancer. Being Triple Negative, you don't have a targeted therapy and that your only treatment option is chemotherapy.

Triple Negative is seen in about 15% of all breast cancers. Triple Negative is a very aggressive cancer that tends to strike younger women, pre-menopause, especially among African-American women and women who have BRCA1 mutations. The tumor tends to be fast growing and is less likely to show up on an annual mammogram. TN is more likely to metastasis early on; has a high rate of recurrence in the first 2-3 years from diagnosis and has a poorer prognosis than other types of breast cancer due to lack of specific, targeted treatment for TNBC.

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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Chemo Cocktail...

Melissa Stukenborg Paskvan ‎...instead, I got the red devil cocktail...
pftt, the hangover the next morning, feels like I had enough tequila to
 knock me on my ass for the next 12 days!
Karen Miller Herbert No other cocktail will do that to you Melissa
 ...must be good stuff...NOT !!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Blame It On Chemo!

Thinking and Memory problems... Who, me? Us cancer survivors has this side effect after going through cancer treatments, it's called Chemo Brain and at times can be very frustrating...
 (Click link for full story)

A quote from my indonesian girl Rita, "SoRry for kept this pics so long guys and forgot to say "Thank U" for the book... Its my chemo brain did this not me!! :D :D. GBU.."

Blueberries Fights Triple Negative Breast Cancer

"Possessing a navy hue and a powerful punch, the blueberry is one of the most potent and popular disease fighters available. Now, City of Hope researchers have found another weapon to add to the blueberry’s arsenal of disease-fighting properties: the ability to control tumor growth, decrease metastasis and induce cell death in triple-negative breast cancer cells."

http://cityofhope.org/superfoods-blueberries (Click link to story) 

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


There are the normal ( . )( . ), the silicone ( + )( + ), the perfect (o)(o) Some are cold (^)(^) and some belong to grandmothers \./\./

And let’s not forget the very large(o Y o), the very small 

(.)(.) and the asimetrical (•)(.)We love them all!...Post this message on your wall and say ┌П┐(◉_◉)┌П┐ to breast cancer

Toledo's "Rockets For The Cure" 2011

Me and my triple pink sister, Genny who I met at radiation treatment, we went to The Toledo "Rockets for the Cure" girls basketball game on January 29, 2011. Pictured with us, Naama Shafir from Toledo Rockets, This #4 pink jersey fetched $3,400! "Junior guard Naama Shafir, whose jersey sold for $3,400 during a post-game live auction of the players' pink jerseys benefiting the Susan G. Komen for the Cure of Northwest Ohio foundation, led the Rockets with 16 points."

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