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What is Triple Negative Breast Cancer?


Just in recent years, Triple Negative Breast Cancer has sparked interest in the news where instead of calling the tumor as ER-negative, PR-negative, and HER2-negative; researchers began using the shorthand term, "Triple Negative," dubbed the "new type" type of cancer. Being Triple Negative, you don't have a targeted therapy and that your only treatment option is chemotherapy.

Triple Negative is seen in about 15% of all breast cancers. Triple Negative is a very aggressive cancer that tends to strike younger women, pre-menopause, especially among African-American women and women who have BRCA1 mutations. The tumor tends to be fast growing and is less likely to show up on an annual mammogram. TN is more likely to metastasis early on; has a high rate of recurrence in the first 2-3 years from diagnosis and has a poorer prognosis than other types of breast cancer due to lack of specific, targeted treatment for TNBC.

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Monday, June 16, 2014

Fun with Familiar Faces at C4YW Orlando Conference 2014...

I still cannot stop thinking about the fabulous time I had at  the Conference for Young Women (C4YW) 2014 in Orlando, Florida this past February. It was was a weekend full of education and fun where several hundred breast cancer survivors came together to learn from medical expert speakers, workshops, group discussions, exhibitors and from other survivor who have walked your journey and who "get it."
I was so excited to meet up with some of my pink sisters that I met at last year's conference in Seattle and also met a few new faces from our TNBC group. I had fun rooming with TNBC sister, Angie Munoz whom I met in our online support group and face to face at C4YW Seattle 2013 Conference. In our down time, Angie and I went to Disney World, Disney Hollywood and then to Animal Kingdom with pink sisters Tammie Tupen And Tracy Gordon. I attended 3 of several session; Emerging Research in Metastatic Breast Cancer with Dr. Kathryn Ruddy; Advocacy and You; and a Discussion group on Talking Triple-Negative breast Cancer. A bunch of us pink sisters went out for dinner and dancing at Congo's at Disney downtown and on another night we all went to a Japanese grill before ending the night with the conference's Saturday night's dance that is always fun with more dancing. We spent our evenings hanging out at the pool and hot tub talking about life till early morning hours.
Next year's conference will be held in Houston, Texas and am so thrilled about meeting up with these ladies again and learn more of the latest breast cancer medical breakthroughs. 

TNBC sister Sara, Juls, Melissa and Shanese
Melissa and TNBC sister, Lisa Southerland O'Connor
Melissa and TNBC sister, Angie Munoz
Melissa and pink sister, Sheryl DeHaven "Beyond Boobs!"
Melissa and TNBC Sister Raymon Bessix "Beyond Boobs!"
TNBC sister, Sara Kouten
"Triple Step Towards the Cure", Lori Flowers and Melissa
Melissa and TNBC Sister and Author, Ann Pietrangelo
TNBC Sister, Roxanne Martinez and Melissa
TNBC Sisters, Amy, Jeanna, Sara, Lisa and Melissa
Melissa and TNBC Sister, Ishiuan Hargrove
TNBC Sisters Melissa, Rebecca and Angela
Dancing with my pink ladies at Congo's
TNBC, "I Won't Back Down!"
Melissa and Dr. Kathryn Ruddy, MD, Oncology
TNBC Sister, Elizabeth Luttrell and Melissa
TNBC Sister, Shelly Finfrock Gardner and Melissa
TNBC Sister, Tanya and Melissa
Annie of the "Annie Appleseed Project" and Melissa
TNBC Sister, Gin Marks "Beyond Boobs!" and Melissa
" I fight for all of my TNBC Sisters!"
Melissa, Stacie, Angie, Dusty, Angela, Jeanna, Tammie and Shanese
Melissa, Angela Angie, Dusty Showers "2nd Baseman", Stacie and Sara
Pink Sister, Tammie Turpen and Melissa
Dusty, Angela, Jeanna, Shanese, Tammie, Juls, Melissa, Angie, Sara, Stacie and Lisa
http://triplesteptowardthecure.org http://www.youngsurvival.org http://the2ndbasemen.org
TNBC Sisters!
 TNBC Sisters
"Beyond Boobs!" Good Health Fairy and Melissa
"Triple Step Towards the Cure", Carole and Melissa
Young Survival Coalition CEO, Jen Merschdorf and Melissa
Melissa and TNBC sister, Traci Gordon

Notes from Emerging Treatments in Metastatic Breast Cancer:

Metastatic Breast Cancer is cancer that spreads outside of the breast and underarm auxiliary nodes.
Keep cancer under control as long as possible... minimize size effects. 


  • Platinum 
  • ER Inhibitors
  • Parp - Repair DNA for TNBC patients who are also BRCA positive. 

In TNBC, recurrence is early.

Notes from Talking Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Discussion:

3% of tissue is left after mastectomy so look for skin changes after mastectomy such as pimples or nodules changes.

There is no tumor marker that detects cancer. Check for blood changes... make sure everything is leveled. If you're suddenly anemic, would want to do testing to see why there is a change.

Watch for new aches and pains, head aches, pains that aches at night and symptoms that don't go away after a few days.

Discussion with the Medical Experts: 

Flaxseed is being studied for possible Estrogen Blockage.

10 year Tamoxifen is more effective than 5 years.

IBC- Research in understanding the biology of Inflammatory Breast Cancer...
What kind of IBC?

Push more MRI than 3D Mammogram

TNBC- Platinum drugs are more effective

BRCA Testing- Free the data

New proteins making in more complicated in understanding disease.

Not ready to quit fighting when 5-10% are metastatic at original diagnosis

Exercise- Evidence in prevention and ease cancer symptoms such as fatigue.

No data in diet.

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