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What is Triple Negative Breast Cancer?


Just in recent years, Triple Negative Breast Cancer has sparked interest in the news where instead of calling the tumor as ER-negative, PR-negative, and HER2-negative; researchers began using the shorthand term, "Triple Negative," dubbed the "new type" type of cancer. Being Triple Negative, you don't have a targeted therapy and that your only treatment option is chemotherapy.

Triple Negative is seen in about 15% of all breast cancers. Triple Negative is a very aggressive cancer that tends to strike younger women, pre-menopause, especially among African-American women and women who have BRCA1 mutations. The tumor tends to be fast growing and is less likely to show up on an annual mammogram. TN is more likely to metastasis early on; has a high rate of recurrence in the first 2-3 years from diagnosis and has a poorer prognosis than other types of breast cancer due to lack of specific, targeted treatment for TNBC.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

TNBC Day 2017

Working with Dr. Iman Mohamed and Jan Tipton of University of Toledo Dana Cancer Center to bring our annual Triple Negative Breast Cancer, A Different Shade of Pink educational event held on March 1, 2017 in honor of TNBC Awareness Day.

 genetics counselor, Colette Gaba
Know your risk...
Consider genetics if diagnosed with TNBC before the age 60...
TNBC may be associated with inherited mutations 
TNBC Survivors
TNBC supporters
Dr. Iman Mohamed explains TNBC is a heterogenous group of 
tumors with an absence of Her2, ER and PR that can be further
divided into different subtypes.
Dr. Mohamed discusses the different subtypes of TNBC
and the need for individualized treatments for these subtypes
Communicate with your child what
IN FACT is wrong...
Porshia, the therapy dog  visits
the cancer infusion center
Survivors, caretakers and supporters getting an
update on Triple Negative Breast Cancer
TNBC sisters, Sharon and Melissa
TNBC sisters, Melissa and Amy
TNBC sisters
Barb and Melissa
TNBC sisters Diana and Melissa
TNBC sisters Melissa and Sandy
Educational vendor tables and refreshments

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